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 Application in: Transport & Logistic, Warehouse, Courier, Office - Anything that needs to be sealed against unauthorized access       |  
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Partner - AldoSecurity

 'Martigen' was created in 2009 as a representative of AldoSecurity in Bulgaria. Three years now we are one of the main suppliers of certificated security seals, security labels and security bags on the Balkans. Our clients - transport & logistic business, warehouses, public utility services, banks, petrol stations and petrol suppliers, food producers, super and hypermarkets.. etc. Our products are result on many years improvement of the security level, based on research on the market about what the clients needs.
 What do we offer ? If you need to be sure that nobody have an unauthorized access to documents, locker, container, petrol tank, door, boxes in a warehouse... anything else - call us!    We have a solution for you!

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